Reiki Training and Certification

Reiki Training, The Violet Butterfly Metaphysical Healing Center

Here is your opportunity to learn in a calm environment full of healing energy.  

Reiki is a natural and safe method of alternative healing through which individuals can achieve self-improvement, self-healing, removal of blockages, as well as, shifting energy to move forward.  Reiki also opens the channels and heightens intuition, guidance and psychic abilities.

Have you been looking for such a tool to help you along your spiritual journey?

Reiki works on many levels: mind, body and spirit.  Reiki is a process based on Life Force Energy and this process is based off of the Mikao Usui method.

  • Reiki students start out at Level 1 and this is open to everyone.  In this initiation stage, you are introduced to the concept of universal energy and the history of Reiki, you receive the first attunement and instruction on how to begin working with Reiki for yourself.  
  • Level 2 students become a practitioner of Reiki and practice healing with others.  At this stage you receive another attunement which takes you deeper into the practice. 
  • In Level 3, the practitioner receives the last few attunements and becomes a Reiki Master and teacher of the process (if you wish).

Please contact us at (727) 386-4535 for more information or stop in and pick up an information sheet.  

All students must be pre-registered and prepayment is required.