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Bio-Energy Products

Earthing, Grounding

Grounding products to help tackle inflammation, providing tools to introduce Grounding as a part of your daily life.

pharaoh cylinders

Pharaoh Cylinders.  Energy Healing.  Balance Yin/Yang energies.

Pharaoh cylinders are ideal for recharging or restoring harmony of body and soul.  Pharaoh cylinders are a bioenergetics device that is very effective tool for balancing Yin and Yang energies, restoring vitality, and achieving harmony of mind, body and spirit.  Using pharaoh cylinders helps to ease mental, emotional and physical strain, to clean the body energetically, strengthen the aura and to restore health. 

Dope minerals


Are you Magnesium Deficient?  We carry Dope Minerals - topically absorbed mineral plant magic. See in store for our selection of products.  

Bali Malas

Jewelry, The Violet Butterfly Metaphysical Healing Center, Bala Mala

Come in store to see our beautiful collection of sacred malas and bracelets.  

Rocks & Crystals

Rough Amethyst, Stones, Crystals, The Violet Butterfly Metaphysical Healing Center

We have a wonderful variety of handpicked rocks, stones, crystals for your needs. 

Other Products

Incense Burner, The Violet Butterfly Metaphysical Healing Center

We have products arriving every day that we are so excited to show you.